ou·tré  [oo-trey] adjective
passing the bounds of what is usual or considered proper; unconventional; eccentric

We strive to bring something unique and different to your closet. All of our items are hand-picked with love and care, and we would never choose something that we wouldn't wear ourselves. Outré is the perfect shop for the free spirited and eccentric soul, made for the fashionista on a recessionista budget.

A little more about us:

After discovering their mutual love for bargain shopping and constantly sharing their latest fashion finds with one another they realized that there are people out there who may not have the patience to shop like they do but still should be able to find the same unique pieces at a less than retail rate. This is where the idea sparked. As current coworkers they knew they would be able to work well with one another and were able to balance each others strengths/weaknesses. Ciara has had schooling in Business while Erika has had previous schooling in Fashion making them the perfect dynamic duo for this idea.